You call the company's 800 number to claim your free bottle of the natural male enhancement penis pills advertised in a newspaper, on radio or on TV. They get all your information and tell you it’s only $5 or $10 for the shipping. Now they have your credit card.


In 14 or 30 days, depending upon the company, they send you another bottle of the male enhancement pill at full price — normally over $75! They will then continue to send you the pills every month until you cancel. The problem becomes that the scam companies ... will never stop sending you products until you literally cancel your credit card! It is a nightmare.


The most famous example of this male enhancement pill auto-billing scam was the original owner of Enzyte. A guy named Steve Warshak. In fact, it was Warshak who coined the phrase "natural male enhancement". He would send you out a free trial and bill you no matter how many times you called to cancel. The Feds finally caught up with him and sent to prison for 25 years! He stole over $200 million dollars!

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