It's a scam. A trick. A sleazy tactic that leaves many men stunned and upset. It's a bait-and-switch advertising trick where sleazy companies advertise a super low price for their pills to get you to buy. But it turns out the "super low price" is really a "per dose" price and it requires you to get a pill cutter and to chop your pills in pieces as if you are some sort of diamond cutter.

You Won't Even Know You Were Tricked Until It's Too Late!!!

Many of these sleazy advertisers don't let you know these super low prices until AFTER you have gone through their medical questionnaire and have entered your credit card information. And some don't even tell you until you get your pills in the mail and you are sent a photo of a "pill splitter" you are supposed to buy.

Fales Advertising: 5 pills for 115 dollars Fales Advertising: 5 pills for 115 dollars
arrow Even worse -- many of these pills are cheap pieces of garbage from China anyway!! So you get doubly screwed — cheap pills AND you have to chop them up.

Maybe if you're a chef at Bennihanna and you can slice and chop with pinpoint precision. But if you are just a normal, regular guy like me and everyone else on the planet, there is no way you can cut a 100 MG tablet into five equal pieces. It's a scam — so don't get fooled by the low-priced ad.

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