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I hate scams! Absolutely hate them! In fact, it's one of the reasons I created my website and I'm spilling the beans on the E.D. pill industry. Very few people know as much about this industry as I do. I won an Emmy Award for exposing fake Viagra on national TV. Here are the biggest scams in the E.D. telemedicine industry that you must watch out for!

Massive Fraud Based in China - Counterfeit Viagra Blister Cards Dangerous Pills Flunked Lab Test

streets of Poland
arrow Here is the address in Poland for returns. Small apartment building.
FRAUD. One of the biggest.

A slick little scam based in China. They charge your credit card in CNY — Chinese Yuan. They advertise on their website site "original VIAGRA for only $3.96 a pill". It's a lie. Pfizer, the world-famous maker of Viagra, doesn't wholesale their original Viagra to any pharmacy for under $50 a pill. Yes, $50 a pill — so how can this website claim to have REAL Viagra for under $4 a pill? Simple — it's a scam.

2 packs of pills

The pills were shipped to us from Poland. The blister packs inside the package were clearly counterfeit Viagra. They look real to the average person — so they must fool most men. We had these bogus pills tested in a lab. The result were shocking!! The 50 MG Viagra pill test showed that it actually contained 147 MG of the active ingredient in it. So it was almost 3 times stronger. This is extremely dangerous! It can literally kill you. Their 100 MG Viagra pill contained only 28 MG in the lab test. The pills from these crooks are all over the map, and a very serious danger. They should be avoided at all costs.

arrow Shipping address in Poland!

They of course are not certified by LegitScript. Their customer representative sends you text messages from all kinds of different phone numbers based out in New York, even though they are based in China. They try and get a second credit card from you to rip you off even more. The lesson here — if you see a website that offers prices super low — you can bet the farm it's a scam! And if it doesn't have a LegitScript verification — don't waste your time with them. This place is so crooked they even have the FDA's logo on the website, right next to the pills, as if they are approved by the FDA. Just another scam! New ones pop up all the time.

Grade F
Li Xiaoyu - wanted by the FBI American Express declined
arrow The charge was done in Chinese Yuan. 1,127 Yuan. Amex declined it because they thought it was a fraud. I had to call and approve the charge. The charge was done in China. arrow
online pharmacy
arrow As you can see, they claim to have the real branded Viagra for $3.96 a pill. This impossible. Real Viagra wholesales for over $50 a pill.
lab report
arrow These pills could kill you! They were supposed to be 50 mg, but contained 167 mg. These underground illegal labs don't know what they are doing, and many men have died from pills like this. Dennis Hof being the most famous.
fake Pfizer pills
arrow To the average guy, these packets seem real. They have the Pfizer logo. They are sealed in a blister pack. But the pill itself looks so fake. Teh Pfizer logo on the pill is faded and the blue color is printer ink. YES — printer ink. This crap is deadly! arrow
fake Viagra pills
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