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What E.D. Pill Companies Won't Ever Tell You!

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Top 5 Sites
Here They Are... Our Top 5 Ranked Online E.D. Services.

Out of all the E.D. services we investigated and evaluated, these are the best of the best. All 5 of these services have been certified by LegitScript, the most rigorous HIPAA compliance agency in the world.

video placeholder for the hoff and other celebrities raving about ScoreBlue

Interesting video: Big names have already come out and talked about using ScoreBlue. Here are just a few of them we were able to put together. This site is exploding. Check out: David Hasselhoff, Yankee great Reggie Jackson, Eric Roberts, two star QB's from the Redskins - Joe Theismann and Mark Rypien. Red Sox star Freddy Lynn, America's most respected doctor - Dr. Drew Pinsky. Bears QB Jim McMahon, the A's star pitcher Rollie Fingers and we even found Danny Bonaduce! There are a bunch more online - like James Caan and others, but this gives you an idea of how this service is taking over the industry.

ScoreBlue is the service that is turning the ED industry upside down with it's authentic pills, low-pricing, and fast service. Led by America’s number-one-rated urologist – Dr. Dudley Danoff – known as the urologist-to-the-stars because his patients have included Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Johnny Carson, Ray Charles, and more rock stars and pro athletes than you can count. Hollywood superstars and many star athletes all swear by ScoreBlue. The list of stars praising ScoreBlue is stacked with sports stars - Mr. October Reggie Jackson, Oakland A's great Rollie Fingers, Jim McMahon, Joe Theismann, Super Bowl MVP Mark Rypien, Ron "the Penguin" Cey, Red Sox great Freddy Lynn and QB Mike Tomczak. Even Hollywood hotshots like David Hasselhoff, James Caan, Eric Roberts and Dr. Drew have all praised the pills, service and Dr. Danoff. (See Dr. Drew video clip on this page). Why? The top reason is because they have the best pills at the best prices, and they don’t require a driver's license or photo ID, total privacy – and FAST!

video placeholder for the hoff and other celebrities raving about ScoreBlue

Interesting video: Big names have already come out and talked about using ScoreBlue. Here are just a few of them we were able to put together. This site is exploding. Check out: David Hasselhoff, Yankee great Reggie Jackson, Eric Roberts, two star QB's from the Redskins - Joe Theismann and Mark Rypien. Red Sox star Freddy Lynn, America's most respected doctor - Dr. Drew Pinsky. Bears QB Jim McMahon, the A's star pitcher Rollie Fingers and we even found Danny Bonaduce! There are a bunch more online - like James Caan and others, but this gives you an idea of how this service is taking over the industry.

Dr. Danoff has worked with Pfizer and Eli Lilly for years – so he only gets the best pills. Dr. Danoff was able to get an exclusive arrangement with Pfizer (the makers of Viagra) on their generic version at the best price in the country. So you are guaranteed not to get the weak generics from India or China that many companies secretly offer. No hidden fees or any nonsense here. Straightforward. No driver’s license and NO photo ID are required – so there is nothing to upload. Super fast, and fast delivery.

ScoreBlue Offers large “bulk buys” as well for insanely low prices on big purchases they call “Monthly Specials.” Super low prices and on the real pills. No 80% generic junk here – just the real McCoy – like getting a Rolls Royce at Volkswagen prices as one celebrity put it. $1 Sildenafil pills (made by Pfizer), $5 100mg Generic Viagra pills (also made by Pfizer) – the prices are amazing. By way of comparison - Roman charges $17 for one generic Viagra, while ScoreBlue charges only $5 a pill when you get their monthly special - which might be the best thing to happen to men since inventions of the bikini and the Playboy centerfold!

You can even order by phone if you want – one of the few companies to offer this service. Based in Beverly Hills. Best combination of the best pills, best pricing, best service, and top urologist. Only negative is they are in only 48 states – sorry North Dakota and Montana. Click Here to go to the ScoreBlue website.

#2 HealthyMale
HealthyMale.com HealthyMale.com

They pioneered E.D. telemedicine almost 20 years ago! Not big on advertising, but BIG on quality and service. Like ScoreBlue, they DO NOT require a driver's license or photo ID because of their top technology! Available in all 50 states. Great medical team gives you a fast turnaround time – not waiting all day like many services.

HealthyMale is one of the few services that has Levitra, Stendra, and Vardenafil – not very popular –but some guys love them, and these guys have them. They also, of course, have Viagra, Cialis, and their generics – Sildenafil and Tadalafil.

Most generics are automatically 80% weaker than the brand product because the FDA only requires a “generic” to contain 80% of the active ingredient. This is why so many men say generics are no good. Most are either weaker or usually fake. But with HealthyMale the pills are 100% REAL. No fake Viagra or Fake Cialis here. In business over 20 years and never one single fake pill.

Prices are on the high side, but still, a rock-solid service with top MDs and outstanding support staff. Based in Tempe, Arizona. Does not require you to go into a monthly shipping club – great company.

#3 KwikMed
Kwik Med Kwik Med

Been in business almost as long as their cross-town rival HealthyMale.com. No advertising gimmicks here. Outstanding service – top medical team and fast response time. They even offer overnight Federal Express service on most orders.

Most of their pills come in a large blister pack as opposed to a bottle or individual packets. Kind of old school. Never any credit card tricks or fake Viagra – they have stood the test of time and earned their reputation as an honest, reliable company in an industry filled with frauds and fakes. No hidden doctor's fees like some of the bigger companies that “spring” them on you at the end of your visit.

With so many fake pills flooding the market, these guys know they have the real pills and that guys are willing to pay extra for the best pills. Why have only 80% of your size or hardness when you can get 100%? They have high prices, but you get what you pay for. ScoreBlue has the real pills too but at low prices due to their popularity, but some guys who have been doing business with KwikMed for years still return. Would not be surprised if they lowered their prices to try and compete with ScoreBlue.

Prices are on the high side, but a real winning service. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Their pharmacy network ships out your meds fast. Online questionnaire is straightforward and not too long. Excellent customer service. All E.D. pills are available. Top-notch company that is one of the “good guys” in the industry.

#4 GetRoman

The biggest advertisers in the E.D. pill arena is this top service based in the heart of New York City and are known as either “Roman” or “Ro.” Started by three young “tech entrepreneurs” back in 2017, immediately after Viagra and Cialis came off patent and generics were authorized. They have done an outstanding job of spreading the word on E.D. Pills and have now expanded to all 50 states.

Advertises heavily on TV and radio. The head of their medical team is a top men's sexual health expert Dr. Steven Lamm, an internist in New York City. He is the head of the Center for Men’s Health at NYU – a real star – so you know you are in good hands. They also have a solid team of medical advisors that even features Dr. Joycelyn Elders – who was the U.S. Surgeon General back in 1993-1994.

Some prices are good while others are quite high – I guess with all the high profile and high-cost advertising they do, they have to recoup those costs somehow – so the pricing can be high.

Like ScoreBlue, Roman is the ONLY other service that has the “clout,” which enabled them to also get real generic Viagra – not from India or China – but right from Pfizer. Only ScoreBlue and Roman have the clout to get Pfizer/Greenstone pills - the best of the best.

In an industry filled with crooks and conmen and dangerous pills – you can bet your last dollar that the good folks at Roman will never cheat you on your medications. All these solid points add up and helps "Ro" crack the Top 5! Ro is a Go.

#5 Hims

Since starting in 2017, this up-and-coming brand has built itself up to be one of the larger players in the online E.D. pill space doing over $140 million in revenue last year. This is no fly-by-night company. Like the others in the Top 5 – they are rock solid.

You may have seen their ads featuring a “limp cactus” or “droopy banana” and Hipsters and Millennials. Like Roman, they, too, have spent a small fortune in trying to break into the marketplace. They bombard TV and radio with ads for their E.D. Pill service and hair treatment prescription medications as well.

Their medical board is outstanding, with top doctors from Dartmouth and Columbia as a highlight. Currently, they do not offer generics from Pfizer – they use a brand that is a step-down, but not the unauthorized pills most in the space carry.

Prices for the wildly popular Generic Viagra is actually high - $34 a pill. Industry insiders call it the “GCAC” prices – “Gotta Cover Advertising Costs” pricing … since they spend a fortune on advertising and apparently offset those costs with higher prices. Their Daily Tadalafil is a bit high, too. They do have competitive prices on Sildenafil – but that’s because it doesn’t come from Pfizer – they get it from India – not as good.

Put the high prices aside – this is a very good service that is easy to do business with. Their process is excellent. Doctors – outstanding. No sneaky doctor's fees like Lemonade and GoodRx spring on you at the end of your visit. Hims also has a women's service called Hers, which offers medications for women’s health issues as well. A young company that is getting better all the time. Top 5 for sure!

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Dirty Little Secrets Whisteblower Hansen Exclusive:

Industry insider spills the beans on fake pills, dodging the Feds, printer ink on pills, the unreported deaths, massive credit card fraud, Lamar Odom, Dennis Hof and more!

Meet the #1 E.D. Doctor Urologist to-the-stars Dr. Dudley Danoff Explains E.D. Meds Sold Online

Chris goes one-on-one with MD from #1 rated ScoreBlue.com. He explains what you need to know about E.D. Pills and ordering online.

The Great E.D. Pill Rip Off: underline Before You Spend One Dime on E.D. Pills Make Sure You Watch This Video Before You Get Fleeced!
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Before you get ripped off make sure you watch this video!
SCAMS Exposed! The Sneaky Tricks & Cheap Pill Secrets Of The E.D. Pill Scam Artists They Hoped You Would Never Find Out!

BlueChew.com – These bogus pills are NOT even FDA-Approved. In fact, FDA investigators have demanded BlueChew cease all production and distribution of BlueChew for being in violation of the FDCA - Food Drug and Cosmetics Act! In other words, BlueChew is in violation of Federal law and should not even be sold! Additionally, they were caught paying actors to lie in their TV ads pretending to be customers with E.D. problems.

It was pure fraud. With BlueChew, it is lie after lie – a pure fraud. Plus, their cheap pills turn your tongue and mouth blue! It’s a compounding pharmacy “super scam” that has industry insiders screaming FRAUD! The telemedicine compliance firm LegitScript has already yanked their certificate of approval accreditation. The FDA is hot on the trail of these conmen. Sinking ship.

GoodRx and HeyDoctor – both advertise cheap $.30 pills, but they were busted by Chris Hansen for running a bait-and-switch scam that sucker-punches you with a doctor’s fee minimum of $30 and up to $100 – after you've filled out all their questions.

ZipHealth – Beware of this bait-and-switch MEGA SCAM. They pretend to offer you Real Viagra and Real Cialis at prices 95% lower than other companies. But it’s a GIANT South Florida SCAM. The pills don’t exist – they show them on their website, you think you are going to buy them, and once you answer their questionnaire – BOOM – they pull a switch and a message pops on screen that says … “our medical team” recommends a different pill. The pills aren’t from Pfizer or Eli Lilly – only cheap junk. Total crooks! Don’t get fooled. Classic FRAUD.

PharmacyRxOne247.com – An absolute fraud run by a cartel of international criminals who open and close websites as often as you change shirts. Pure fraud. They sell fake pills. They require no prescription. Their website is stacked with photos of fake doctors pretending to be real doctors. The worthless pills come from outlaw labs in India and China. They even promise to send a lab report with you order to "prove" their pills are real. It's all fake. They are believed to be the group behind the pills that almost killed basketball superstar Lamar Odom. Avoid like the Plague.

PillOnline.com – This MEGA scam is heavily promoted online. They claim to be based in Canada, but our investigators tracked them to mail drop in Poland. The pills were traced to China. They pills are fakes. Not real Viagra or real Cialis. Pure fraud that has managed to stay one step ahead of the FBI, FDA, Interpol and international bounty hunters trying to shut them down. The entire website is fake – fake doctors, fake location – and our course – fake pills that are dangerous.

PlanetPharmacy – was shut down by the FBI for fake pills made in a HOUSE in Belize!

PillsOnline.com – was caught selling fake pills from China funneled through Poland that lab tests show contained only 1 mg of the active ingredient, while they claimed 50 mg.

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