Yes, you can get real E.D. medications over the Internet shipped right to your house.

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BlueChew.comScam — They advertise like crazy, but they are perhaps the biggest scam in the entire industry — fake testimonials — Pills are NOT FDA approved ... playing games with "compounding pharmacy" tactics. Turns your mouth blue also — Crapola.

ZipHealthBeware of this Bait and switch MEGA SCAM. They pretend to offer you Real Viagra and Real Cialis at prices 95% lower than other companies. But it’s a GIANT South Florida SCAM. The pills don’t exist – they show them on their website, you think you are going to buy them and once you answer their questionnaire – BOOM – they pull a switch and a message pops on screen that says … “Our medical team recommends a different pill”. The pills aren’t from Pfizer or Eli Lilly – only cheap junk. Total crooks! Don’t get fooled. Classic FRAUD. — Same company, it's also GoodRX that you see advertise coupons on TV These guys use a bait-and-switch. They advertise cheap pills — super cheap — then you fill out a SUPER long questionnaire — takes 17 minutes — then they tell you you have to pay a doctor's fee of $35 — some of their visits have a doctor's fee of $100! Pills end up costing more than most places. Pills are from India, too — thumbs down.

ScoreBlue.comBest in the business. Famous MD — urologist heads the company. He is in tight with top pill companies and gets the pills directly from Pfizer and Eli Lilly. Allows you to buy large "bulk" purchases — like 50 or 100 pills if you want, and they don't just force you into monthly auto-shipments. You decide what you want. No photo I.D. required. Best pills and lowest prices. In about 40-45 states. You can also order over the phone. Best service in America. We rate them #1. — One of top 3 companies — #3. Real pills, excellent track record, you can order in bulk if you want, and of course, monthly shipments. In all 50 states. A bit pricey, but no B.S. here — solid company. — Been around the longest. In all 50 states. Good pills — no counterfeits. Offers both monthly "auto-shipments" and large multi-month purchases at once. No uploading I.D. — they use the same system as ScoreBlue. One of the few services that carries Levitra. Solid medical staff. Prices are a bit high. Our #2 rated service.

Top 3 Most Common Questions

1. Which pill is best?

50 mg of Generic Viagra sold by ScoreBlue. This is the best pill, and they are the only legit company that sell this real deal pill. ALL the other companies sell inferior "Generic Viagra" — they are NOT the same. Made by Pfizer's "in-house" generic manufacturer called Greenstone. It is the EXACT same as the original Viagra — the famous blue diamond. It uses the exact same ingredients — made on the same machine, by the same technicians. This pill is the BOMB — just like the original Viagra that still sells for $90 a pill. But Roman sells it for $34 a pill, and ScoreBlue sells it for only $8 a pill. Best deal on planet earth.

2. All generics are NOT the same.

$2 Sildenafil Pill "Gimmick" — 20 mg Sildenafil pills are a big hook with and They hype them BIG TIME. But here is the skinny. You end up having to take 5 pills, so it costs you $10. They tell you 60 mg — 3 pills is the standard dosage ... but that's not true ... most guys take 100 mg sildenafil or 5 pills, and it ends up costing you $10. Who wants to take 5 pills? — that's stupid. REAL generic Viagra — White Diamond from — is the best buy on the planet.

3. What is the difference between Sildenafil and Tadalafil, Generic Viagra and Generic Sildenafil?

Sildenafil is the generic name for Viagra. Sildenafil is what Viagra is. Sildenafil comes in a small round pill that is 20 mg. Generic Viagra is also Sildenafil — but it is in the white diamond shape and comes in 25, 50, and 100 mg sizes. Tadalafil is the generic name for Cialis. It comes in 5 mg, 10 mg, and 20 mg dosages. Generic Cialis is just Tadalafil shaped like the yellow Cialis pills. No need to buy Cialis — which is VERY expensive, $48 a pill. Generic Cialis is about $17 a pill. Tadalafil is the one to buy if you like Cialis. Tadalafil is cheap. has the best deal on this, too — best pills and the best price because of their famous urologist.

Common Scams to Avoid

Ordering from a "Canadian Pharmacy" — most are fake and secretly run out of China, Eastern Europe & Pakistan. 99% pure B.S.

BlueChew — they advertise everywhere, and it is a HUGE scam — don't spend a penny on this scam. FDA will shut them down.

Emails: Don't buy anything that shows up in your email from a company you have never heard of offering a low price — it is ALWAYS a scam.

Porn Websites: Every pill advertised on porn sites — including these "make your thing bigger" herbal pills are ALL a scam. All Viagra is FAKE!

LegitScript: If a website doesn't have the LegitScript seal of approval — don't buy!

What Should I Do Now?

Order from either if they are in your state. They are not in all 50 states, but over 40. They have the best prices, the best doctor, and they use real pills — not the fake stuff. Best price on the best pills — they only use the real stuff from Pfizer (for Sildenafil — Generic Viagra), and Eli Lilly affiliate (for Tadalafil — Generic Cialis)

If they are not in your state, order from or . Both are in all 50 states and have real pills. Their prices are definitely higher, and their volume is not as great — but still rock solid and no B.S. pills with these guys: real MDs and excellent reputation.

Other Quick Tips:

What about Levitra? — has it — but it's lame and expensive. Only advantage is you can take it on a full stomach.

Auto-Shipments — you can get on a monthly plan if you like, and they can send you an order every month. So, you only order one time, and you are set for a year. Set it and Forget it!

Bulk Orders — Or you can buy a 6-month or a one-year supply at one time from some of the websites (top 3 all offer this feature — one of the reasons they are in Top 3), which many guys like to do also.